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The dental department of LODE employs careful and good professional that guarantee a high quality of work.

Our doctors have internship at the largest European training centres, regularly attend stomatological congresses, conferences and master classes.

The dantists use high efficiency methods of the prevention and treatment of stomatopathies at work with the application of present-day materials and equipment.

The company's dental laboratory equipped with the latest facilities allows us to do quick prosthetic repair work of any type.

Your visit to our centre will take place in a comfortable environment with due attention of the staff.

Our services involve:

  • Aesthetical dental restoration of different degrees of complexity
  • Root canal dressing in the accordance with the latest developments in the sphere of the endodontology
  • Dental whitening
  • Laser dentistry
  • Tooth implantation
  • Child treatment without pain and tears
  • Modern techniques of the prosthesis
  • Extra class dental surgery
  • Treatment and prevention of parodontium disorders
  • The use of "VECTOR" apparatus (Germany)
  • The correction of an occlusion pathology of adults and children
  • Computer scans
  • Dental volume tomography (3D) and other means of X-ray examination of your teeth

The care for dental teeth requires a high-level professionalism, much effort and craftsmanship and, yes, a creative approach.
These things can be found among LODE dentists that can help you to have a harmonic and beautiful smile.

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Предыдущая акцияСледующая акция