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About us

A multi-field medical company «LODE» is the largest organisation in Belarus among private medical services providers.

At present the branches of «LODE» are located in three Belarussian cities:
3 centres in Minsk, 2 in Brest and 2 in Hrodna (Grodno).

«LODE» employs more than 1000 people. During the 25 years of efficient work the company has made a big team of professional of different medical spheres. The majority of the staff work over 12 years – thus making time-proved quality.

The scope of «LODE» is also reflected by the range of its medical services: over 50 licensed lines, from “rare” specialists consulting to conducting complicated medical examinations and surgical interference performing.

The recipe for successful work of the medical centre of «LODE» consists of:

  • The high level of its specialists' professionalism. The doctors have much practical experience, regularly attend career development courses at different training centres of the world, participate in international seminars, workshops and conferences
  • the high level of the quality of the medical services and of other types of services
  • advanced medical technologies and progressive diagnosis and treatment methods
  • the optimal ratio of the price and the quality
  • the responsible and conscientious care for every patient's trouble

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Предыдущая акцияСледующая акция